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Fur Angels is a fully equipped grooming salon where we pamper your precious pup. All that’s needed is a parking space & a plug to connect the vans extension lead into. Warm water is already on board & we are happy to accommodate older/tired dogs who prefer to sit or lie down whilst being groomed.

All grooms are 1 to 1 as this provides a calmer environment & a more personal service. I usually leave the side door open (weather permitting) so you can check on your dog whenever you like.

Each groom includes a hydro bath to massage & help remove any loose or shedding hair, cleaning the coat thoroughly. A choice of Natural Shampoos & Conditioners are available including ‘Furst Aid’ Shampoo which is excellent for calming irritable skin.

Blueberry facial wash (great for brightening the eye area especially on white faces), nail trimming, ear cleaning, plus a spritz of perfume keeps them looking & smelling great for days. All the above is complementary with each full groom.

PRICES (based on regular grooms & no matts)

Bassett Hound £45  

Bearded Collie £50  

Bichon £45  

Border Collie £45  

Cavapoo £45  

Chihuahua £35  

Cockapoo £45  

French Bulldog £40  

German Shepherd £50

Husky £60  

Labradoodle £60  

Labrador £40  

Lhasa Apsa £45  

Poodle (Miniature) £50  

Poodle (Standard) £55  

Poodle (Teacup) £45  

Pug £40  

Retriever £50  

Schitzu £45  

Schnauzer (miniature) £45  

Schnauzer (standard) £55  

Spaniel (Cocker) £45  

Spaniel (King Charles) £45  

Spaniel (Springer) £45  

Terrier (Airedale) £60  

Terrier (Jack Russell) £40  

Terrier (Norfolk) £45

Terrier (Tibetan) £45

Terrier (West Highland) £45

Terrier (Wheaten) £50

Terrier (Yorkshire) £45

Nail Trimming without groom £10

Micro chipping £15

Puppy groom (up to 6 months) starting from £25

Discounts can be offered on multiple grooms at one property.

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